About Highway 925

Highway 925 is a family owned and run import and retail business, based in the Central Tablelands of NSW. Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality Sterling Silver jewellery that is affordable enough to wear every day, but beautiful enough to suit the most glamorous occasion.

Jayne, our product tester, design critic and publicity officer, is the daughter of a jeweller and got her start in the jewellery trade purchasing diamonds for her father’s business.

Craig is the business manager and client support officer. He has extensive experience in the retail trade and is trained in business administration.

So, why “Highway 925”? We specialise in the best Sterling Silver products, which are made from at least 92.5% pure silver. That is why they are usually stamped “925” by the manufacturer, and that, in turn, is where the name comes from.

We aim to provide a pleasant, painless and enjoyable experience for all who are kind enough to trust us with their business. Your satisfaction is critical to us. Thank you for shopping with Highway 925, we hope you get great enjoyment from your purchases. If you have any questions, or just wish to let us know how we did, please drop as an email by clicking here.